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Passover Cleaning, Passover Cogitation

OK, put down your cleaning rag for a second and let’s talk about Passover. What does it mean to you? For me, it is a time of deep cleaning and introspection, which leads to gratitude. It used to mean more–I … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers? What Weight Watchers? Tracking points?

I try not to whine about being on a diet, which involves using the Weight Watchers iphone app to track my ‘points,’  the WW term for unionized calories, for the day and trying to keep within the proposed guidelines. But … Continue reading

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Teriyaki Cholent with Tofu

California Teriyaki Tofu Cholent I served this at the Etz Chayim Oneg October 5, to many requests for the recipe.  It’s creamy and chewy and hearty, without having any meat in it.  You make it in a crockpot, starting the … Continue reading

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Striped Hamantaschen

I love to bake.  I  also used to make jewelry out of polymer clay. One year I combined the techniques of polymer clay with the recipe for my chocolate filled hamentashen, and got chocolate striped hamentaschen.I am not going to … Continue reading

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Raspberries and Flowers!

My husband works out with Rhona Mahony, who is dedicated to helping the honeybee population in our area.  She works out with my husband Leonard.  She asked and I agreed to host a beehive in our garden in January. But … Continue reading

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It’s the Year of the Potato

Potatoes and Pot Bellies “You know, there’s no such thing as a good potato,” my friend Jess told me a couple of years ago, after talking to a doctor about a new understanding of diet and disease called Syndrome X. … Continue reading

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It’s not a casserole, it’s cholent!

I often host the oneg (oneg means celebration, but because it is around 12:30 to me it means  lunch) at  my synagogue on Saturday. I belong to a is a small, independent, liberal congregation, and my favorite onegs to host … Continue reading

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Balkanization at the Table

In my family, geography affected everything, down to the way we ate fruit. That’s why, when I was a child and I sat down to a meal at a cousin’s house, if there was melon for an appetizer or dessert, … Continue reading

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