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Passover Cleaning, Passover Cogitation

OK, put down your cleaning rag for a second and let’s talk about Passover. What does it mean to you? For me, it is a time of deep cleaning and introspection, which leads to gratitude. It used to mean more–I … Continue reading

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The UNESCO World Memory Project Accepts ITS Records

OK, this is in the “About Damn Time” category.  ITS is short for International Tracing Service, which was set up by the Red Cross after World War II.  It is the place where people registered themselves after the war so … Continue reading

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I love you Erma Bombeck! And I want a Selectric!

I had the great honor of going to the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop from April 19-21 at the University of Dayton. I learned some great things. About tweeting and DMing, rights, and writing, comedy and sadness, and Marianist Catholics.And “Our … Continue reading

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Matzo Ball memories

Floaters or Sinkers? In the sad degradation of Passover tradition that happens when parents get older and children move out, in these downbeat latter days when there is no one young enough to sing the Four Questions without embarrassment, and … Continue reading

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Balkanization at the Table

In my family, geography affected everything, down to the way we ate fruit. That’s why, when I was a child and I sat down to a meal at a cousin’s house, if there was melon for an appetizer or dessert, … Continue reading

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