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Author of a memoir called The Girl On the Wall, and working on a novel. Former Synagogue president, gardener, empty nester. Raising bees.


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So I taught my Striped Hamentaschen workshop at Etz Chayim yesterday, with the primary goal of passing along my secret, and the secondary goal of getting at least 5 dozen cookies baked for the Etz Purim…

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Hai Jew kus for Halloween

Hai Jew Kus, which I am writing for the Jewish Year 5775, are like haikus, but with a second 7 syllable line, so the meter is 5-7-7-5 I wrote a bunch of them on the theme of candy. One Sweet, … Continue reading

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Epiphanies #1-3 watching bees

So here’s a quick recap of my bee story. So far it has  one hive given to me in 2012 with bees,  at least three epiphanies, submissions to and nice rejections from two editors, two bee suits, 36 jars of … Continue reading

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In Comb Bees Is

What happens when a self-made Jewish American Princess gets bitten by the beekeeping bug? I’ll let you know as the story develops. So far it’s led to one hive,  at least three epiphanies, two bee suits, 36 jars of honey, … Continue reading

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Pesach on South Beach

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MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011 Passover on South Beach Pesach in South Beach When we conduct the Seder, matza is called ‘the bread of affliction.’ Because strictly observing the commandment in Deuteronomy  does not just mean eating…

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Improved Passover Apple Cake–with doubled recipe!

 I posted this apple cake recipe YEARS ago, on Blogspot, on my blog called “Melon Memories,”  which still exists, even though it is empty because blogs are hard to kill. Last Pesach, I gave the recipe to one of my … Continue reading

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A sobering talk on the broken paradigm of disaster relief

Remember Hurricane Sandy? The woman does. Monica Byrne, a restauranter who lives and works in Red Hook brooklyn,  gave this Ted talk about the disaster, and why she organized her own charity  to distribute aid directly in her neighborhood to people … Continue reading

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