Hai Jew kus for Halloween

Hai Jew Kus, which I am writing for the Jewish Year 5775, are like haikus, but with a second 7 syllable line, so the meter is 5-7-7-5

I wrote a bunch of them on the theme of candy.


Sweet, sticky candy

Pulling at my stuck molars

Loosening tight new fillings

Delighting dentist




Angel hair sugar

Ambitious fork lifted it

Up, Into the air from the

Hot carmel puddle



The raging need for

Something sweet late after bedtime

Dark chocolate and ice cream

Quiets the savage beast


Never built a house

Out of candy, didn’t think

Brothers Grimm story was real.

Sent to therapist.

About Onecakebaker

Author of a memoir called The Girl On the Wall, and working on a novel. Former Synagogue president, gardener, empty nester. Raising bees.
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