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“These are excellent Blintzes”

Said my Yiddish teacher, Sascha, yesterday as he finally gave in and ate the blintzes, crepe-like pancakes filled with a slightly sweet cheese mixture, folded, and fried in butter. And was he ever right. These were fresh as they get. … Continue reading

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The Blintz, the Bletel, and Geopolitics

A blintz is a crepe, called a bletel (Yiddish for leaf or page) that is wrapped securely around a filling which is usually cheese. The rest depends on what part of Eastern Europe your parents came from. My mother’s parents … Continue reading

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Blintz Souffle

The blintz souffle, a concoction where a sweet, rich, egg and sour cream batter is poured over a dozen cheese blintzes and baked to a golden puffiness, has been called “gilding the lily,” by my friend Jess. This is understandable. … Continue reading

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Food and Funerals

I have a friend, call him Bruce. Bruce’s father died a year ago, and instead of being buried, he was put in a mausoleum. This is called being encrypted. This led me to write a joke: “My friend’s father died, … Continue reading

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