Why all the Blog Posts Last Week?

Dear Readers,

At least one of you (and I am heartened to see that someone is watching)  has commented on the unusual volume of posts on this blog last week.  There is no foul play, just reorganization. I have been consolidating my blogs, and when a post is re-published, that is to say, moved from Blogspot to WordPress, and automatic notice goes out to all followers.  So that is how I managed to write five or six posts in one day. I  just moved  them over.

Why, you my ask, do I post on more than one blog site?  That is a whole other story.

When you think about it, anyone who has both Facebook and Twitter has more than one blog site, because that is what Facebook and Twitter are–strictly constrained and pre-digested blog sites, but that is for another day.

Blame it on Erma Bombeck. I went to a writer’s convention given in her memory in March of 2011. When I was there, among other things,  I learned  how comments and cross-posts could help my  blog rise in the ratings, so I created a second blog on WordPress to comment and cross-post to my Blogspot  blog with.

Then I started blogging for the Jewish Women’s Archive. Then I started getting bombarded with offers to join writer’s sites like She Writes and Red Room, all of whom strongly encouraged me to post my writing on their sites. So I did.  I’m a sucker for a nice request.

I even briefly toyed with the idea of starting a bunch of blogs on different platforms to embody different parts of my personality.   I have definitely had too much Jungian therapy.  They believe that each person has many personality traits, or archetypes, influencing their behavior.

These are the “inner” tendencies, like the ‘inner child,’ the ‘inner parent,’ or in my case the ‘inner Princess, and the  ‘inner farmer.”  I was going to start a blog for food, a blog for gardening, a blog for shopping, and a blog for charitable giving, and have them all talk to each other, that is talk to myself, from different machines I own.

But I didn’t do it.  I’ll say it’s my basically honest nature.  It could also be that I am just too busy dealing with the outer challenges of being president of synagogue Etz Chayim in Palo Alto to be bothered with playing games with my inner selves. They are all just going to have to get along for now.

But, dear readers, I am going to be moving posts around for at least a couple of weeks, and successful writing these days involves writing in all sorts of places, so the frequent notices will continue.

Eventually, all my blog posts  going back to January of 2008, will end up here.

Until I panic about something or respond to a nice request and start another blog somewhere else.

Keep watching.

About Onecakebaker

Author of a memoir called The Girl On the Wall, and working on a novel. Former Synagogue president, gardener, empty nester. Raising bees.
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