Openness in Hamantaschen?

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I got the whole concept of cookie cleavage from an  estranged friend of mine named Marjorie Peskin.  Cleavage seemed to be the best thing to call that space where the filling peeks out.  But the rest of the ideas, and the pictures, are all mine.  This appeared in the JWA blog yesterday.

I took these pictures last Purim to illustrate a little-discussed aspect of the aspect of hamantashen baking: Cookie cleavage.
By this I mean, how much of the filling is left exposed? And if your dough relaxes during baking, and the cookie opens up a little, how much exposed filling do you consider acceptable? Do the laws of tzniut apply to cookie fillings in the Haredi communities? I’m just asking.
Very tightly buttoned up hamantashen, where you have to guess at the filling flavor, really were a problem for me as a child, since I loved prune-filled hamantashen, and hated I poppyseed. I threw away many a lump of poppyseed filling, after first eating the uncontaminated corners.
too tight hamantashen
The more relaxed ones, that show just a peek, a tiny bit of filling, are easier to figure out because you can at least tell the color of the filling. But the apricot-filled ones always went first at the parties, because they were easy to spot, and I still threw out a few poppyseed hamantashen, thinking they were prune. Hebrew school was not that well lit.
As a baker, I can tell you I have agonized over this choice. In the end, I decided to adopt an open but not overly open cookie. I like to make hamantashen with homemade chocolate ganache filling. It is a very delicious cookie, and won the Hamantashen Bake-Off at Congregation Etz Chayim. I am proud of my chocolate filling, so I show it off.
just right hamantashen
But if I neglect to seal the corners of my hamantashen tightly enough, they relax, and open up, and I do not use them for my shalach manot plates. TMI.
too loose hamantashen
Because with the filling all exposed like that, the hamantashen become tarts. And that’s a different kind of cookie.
array of hamantashen


Cookie Cleavage

Your cleavage is perfect, but you forgot the other temptation – overly endowed hamentashen!

cleavage in cookies

devilishly funny

Thanks for the comments

MS, “Devilishly Funny” makes me think of Devil’s Food Hamantashen, I wonder if such a thing is possible?

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