June 10, 2011 School Matters

This column was about the achievement gap.  There is a substantial difference in test scores and college attendance between ‘students of color’ or ‘Tinsley Kids’ in Palo Alto and everyone else.  The ‘Tinsley Kids’ are students from East Palo Alto who choose to go to school in Palo Alto.  A lot of them don’t end up going to 4 year colleges. They graduate from high school, but they don’t have the courses needed to go to the University of California system.  This is possible because you can graduate from high school in Palo Alto without learning advanced algebra.  The head of the school district wants to make the standards to get into UC the standard for graduation, and oh, boy, the board meeting lasted until after 1 am.- I asked Anna Waring, the head of an organization that helps East Palo Alto kids get into and graduate from college, what she thought. She told me she thought that students of color were not held to a UC standard curriculum BY THE STAFF OF THE HIGH SCHOOLS, that she had to help parents advocate to keep their students of color in the right classes. I wrote a column about it. Nobody commented.

June 10th column



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